The hurdy gurdy in Japanese game culture


A fellow reader of the Hurdy Gurdy Mail list pointed this out on ebay today.  Pretty strange.  Even stranger is the fact that the game, New Rainbow Islands: Hurdy Gurdy Daibo, is around 4 years old, and no one I know in the hurdy-gurdy world has ever heard of it.  From what I can tell, (it is in Japanese after all) Bub and Bob shoot rainbows from traditional French luteback hurdy-gurdies in an attempt to defeat an evil record label.  Something that MANY of us wish we could do, actually.

Follow the ebay link for a more detailed description of the game.

I just tracked down a used copy, and can confirm that the actual game is also pretty incomprehensible.  Here is a more detailed print of the front and back art.

rainbow island




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