Nibbus Maximus: 3d Photo Journal

4 - 2

Reposting from the halcyon days of 2011.

The family and I went up to Skinner Hall this afternoon where our friends at Gage School of Fine Arts were hosting the pen and ink artist, Jim Woodring.  Woodring was giving the first public showing of his giant pen Nibbus Maximus, and was allowing members of the public to use the pen to complete a giant drawing.  The following pictures are in 19th century stereocard format, which somehow seemed appropriately surreal.

(The pictures can be viewed in 3D using “relaxed eye stereo” viewing. See How to view 3D digital photos without breaking the bank for more info on 3D viewing).

1 - 2

Lovely car on the way in.


6 - 2

Poster in the rain


2 -2

First glimpse of the pen


3 - 2

Woodring and Nibbus Maximus

7 - 2

The pen is passed on

8 - 2


9 - 2

The giant nib in action

10 -2



5 - -2

Pen and ink was available for all

12 -2



Let us know what you think in the comments below!

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